Easyriders Tech, Tips & Tricks Vol.1, 2, 3 & 4 – Download


Easyriders Tech, Tips & Tricks Vol.1, 2, 3 & 4 – Download

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Easyriders Tech, Tips & Tricks – DOWNLOAD PDF

Vol.1, 2, 3 & 4

Get all 4 and Save

VOLUME ONE covers 128 pages of ideas ranging from Shimming 74 motors and break-in recommendations for the old girls. There’s Oil Control for Knuckleheads, fixing stripped bolt holes in Shovelhead exhaust flanges. How about lowering your swing arm bike. It covers making cheap tools like the Harley Jack or a Sportster Clutch Spring Compressor. There’s simplified Wiring Diagrams and shitloads more.

VOLUME TWO covers a 4-part series on keeping your Shovelhead alive. There’s articles on adjusting your S&S, Keihin or Bendix carb and making a wooden bike bench. It includes articles on setting up and maintaining your Harley wheel bearings and all you need to know about oil filters. There’s tune-up specs for all models from 1936 to 1990. Again there’s tons more information in the bikers bible.

VOLUME THREE  – This one has lots of Evolution Tips and go fast hints. There’s Indian and Harley Model History. How to pick a cam for your Harley. How to rake and add performance to an FXR. There’s shit on painting your bike at home, setting up your steering head bearings and even a lesson in sheet metal with Pat Kennedy. And lots & lots more.

VOLUME FOUR covers has four sections; Engine, Tranny, Chassis and tools. It covers fuel injection, strokers and Nitrous. It’ll help you update your Tranny, clutch fix on your 1984 and earlier and later. There’s heaps on electrics, like the Dyna 2000 install and an Evo Ignition backup. This volume covers the Wide Glide history, Wide Glide conversion and rebuilding it. Also some great tools.

While surely not capable of solving every problem for every rider, these books do provide knowledge that few ordinary manuals can share. Compiled from decades of Easyriders magazines, each book is like a big stack of old Easyriders, minus the prison stories and flapjack titties. From simple stuff like how to pack a tool bag, to more complex operations like building a stroker knucklehead or truing flywheels, the content is pretty diverse and the delivery style is classic Easyriders, especially the older ones. When I asked Irish Rich about the Tips & Tricks manuals, he had a couple complaints. First, today there are better ways to do things than some of these ancient articles describe. Second, most of the companies and resources listed are long gone. I’d have to agree, but if you can swing the dough, there is still enough good info in this collection to make it worth your while.

The Manual is text searchable, and comes with a FULL NAVIGATION menu, to bring you quickly to the part of interest.


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