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Hello Harley Riders!

Welcome to our Harley Manuals Blog. Feel free to comment and post!

10 thoughts on “Hello Harley Riders!

  1. Please notify me when 2020 Harley Davison Trike manual becomes available.

    1. We will do that Donald, Thanks

    2. Hi Donald,

      the 2020 Harley Trike manual set has become available at my shop.

      Best regards

  2. Hi Erwin,

    just looking to see if you’re still around, different addresses.

    Stay safe and well


  3. Hello,

    When will the 2021 Softail manuals come out?

    I am shopping for a Street Bob 114 and want to be prepared.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Erwin,

    I found your site quite by accident and after a while wondering whether it was genuine or not I pressed the button. I am very glad to say I have received exactly what I ordered and it is exactly as you have described. In these days of online scams I am more than happy to recommend your site to my fellow riders…

    Thank you again for providing this service

    Ride Free


  5. By the way… Thanks for all you do. I found you through a search last year, purchased my manuals which I use all the time. I have you bookmarked for all our new bikes.

  6. Hello Erwin,
    I am very pleased with the Service Manual for my 2016 HD Fat Boy S, it was so easy to download and use on my phone and computer. Will definitely keep your site bookmarked for future purchases of different manuals for other bikes.

    Thank You

  7. Thank you. It is just the manual I was looking for. (SERVICE MANUAL SPORTSTER 2004 – 2006)
    Very good product.
    Delighted to have dealt with you.
    All the best,
    Jose Juan

  8. Same request…2021 softail/sport glide manual available?
    Thanks in advance…Jim G

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