S&S 4-1/8 124 & 124V T-Series Engines #61-1002


S&S 4-1/8 124 & 124V T-Series Engines #61-1002

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OE Factory Service & Repair Manual
for S&S 124 ci. T-Series Engines


Included is the Service Manual (#61-1002)
This is the OEM Factory Service manual (#61-1002) for S&S T-Series Engines. It covers S&S 4-1/8” 124 & 124V T-Series Engines with 124 Cubic Inch.
This manual is designed to guide a technician through the details of servicing the 124 & 124V T-Series engines. Through a proven method of comprehensive instructions, complete specifications and high-quality photography, the manual is the basis for servicing and maintaining an S&S engine.

Covered in this version will be the 124ci engines. Considered to be the most popular S&S engine sizes ever sold, the manual has been in high demand since the introduction of this version.

Models included are: S&S 4-1/8”124 & 124V T-Series Engines

Topics covered are General Specifications, Engine Components, Oil Pump, Compression Releases, Carburetor, Super Stock Ignition, IST Ignition, Troubleshooting, Illustrations with Parts Numbers, Warranty Information & Dyno Chats.


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