2016 Harley Job Time/Flat rate/Code Manuals


2016 Harley Job Time/Flat rate/Code Manuals


Job Time/Flat rate/Code Manuals
All 2016 Harley-Davidson Models

Dear Dealer/Technician:

The enclosed 2016 Harley-Davidson Job Time / Code Manual provides the flat rate time allotments for service and repair of 2016 model year Harley-Davidson vehicles; Please note that we use realistic shop procedures and hand tools in establishing the flat rates and, accordingly, believe that the allotted times are sufficient for a properly trained technician using appropriate techniques, tools and equipment to perform each of the jobs within the flat rate.As in the past, we encourage utilization of the enclosed forms to identify any flat rate code which you believe should be adjusted.In addition, Customer Service will be placing greater emphasis on failure analysis and problem cause.To help us accomplish this, we have made changes to the electrical sections of our service manuals, the Job Time/Code Manual, and the condition codes.The technician can follow the diagnostic path in the service manual, correct the problem, and write the appropriate code from the service manual on a work order.


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